Monday, August 6, 2012

10 Reasons I Love My Public Library

I LOVE my public libraries!  I am a bibliophile!  I can't believe how many resources I find at the library to use in my personal and professional life.  {If you don't use your library, you should!}  If you live in a small town, most little libraries are part of bigger groups and can get loads of stuff to you.

10.  The library is FREE to use.  Actually taxes do pay for some of it, but it's amazing!

 9.  They give away suggested reading lists for grade levels.  They also have tons of resources about literacy.

8.  My son goes to one or more story times each week.  I've been amazed at the quality of these programs.  He is learning how to participate in groups, listen to stories, choose books, and do little art projects.

7.  The library shows movies on a big screen every week.  Our little family saw Snow White this summer.  It was Sam's first experience in a dark room with the big screen.  {Way better than paying for a movie he might not sit through!}  There are TONS of other FREE events for patrons of all ages.

 6.  I read thousands of dollars worth of magazines each year for FREE.  This is NOT an exaggeration!

 5.  I check out tons of teacher books.  I'm so glad I'm over thinking I should buy a book because it has one good idea in it.  I get loads of good ideas, and then I get to make them my own, rather than just copying someone's idea.

 4.  The librarians always have ideas for books I might like to read aloud to my class.  They also suggest new books and series of books.

 3.  The library allows me to check out a couple dozen books on one topic, so that everyone can work on say a science project or just expand their knowledge at one time.

 2.  Books In Boxes--I can check out a class set of books--amazing!

 1.  The Bookmobile comes to our school.  Kids LOVE that they get to choose from many cool books that aren't in the school library.  They can also order books.  It is a magic 30 minutes when we return to our classroom, and kids are reading what they choose--pure magic.

These are really just some of the reasons why I LOVE my library and the librarians who give such gifts to our community and students!

Have you thanked a librarian recently?

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