Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Happy August and Brave Teacher Tribe

Dear Brave And Amazing You,

I hope you're having an amazing summer.  I am!  I've made amazing memories and  spent good time with my little family.  We're on the second vacation of the summer!  I feel truly blessed.

I've made a few really cool artsy projects.

Best of all for me, I'm overflowing with great ideas for the new year--for my classroom, for my students, for my school, for Brave Teachers.  {Sometimes I worry that this will be the year that I never refill my creative well, but some how it always happens!}

One of my favorite ideas is that I'm inviting all teachers of anything and everything to join the all new Brave Teacher Tribe.  It's going to be revolutionary!  You will receive an email most school days with a bright burst of bravery!  These emails will be packed with encouragement, inspiration, and empowerment in small morsels that you can carry with you as you do the amazing work of teaching.

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