Saturday, August 25, 2012

Heroic Start To The New Year

I've been disconnected from the online universe this week, because the new year was just getting started.  I hustled to get "stuff" done, and the kids showed up, and I think it's going to be a great year.

I decided at the very last minute {less than a week ago} to do a superhero theme.  I want the whole person in each of my students to be educated.  We're forming community, and they are going to have many opportunities to contribute to our school community.  I want them to be heroes, so I went for it a bit.

Here are some photos from the new and improved Room 14:

Super Improvers Wall
I love what I've gotten to use of
Whole Brain Teaching so far
Title page for our Reading and Writing Workshop Binder
(Sorry it's sideways!)

Here's where the Common Core Standards are going to hang out in our room.

Our Word Wall has new super powers!

Here's the little motto for the year that got the whole superhero ball rolling.

A hall display is already in progress.  I love this!

We have a whole black and red thing going on.  Those are the colors of our floor tile
 and the school colors--go Panthers!
I gave our restroom chart a little makeover to match!

My favorite bulletin board--because it was done in May by last year's students
for this year's class!

I've split up the classroom library for the first time ever.  It's in 6 different locations.
Poetry seems a little lonely over here.

Even lunch choices got in on the theme!

So I don't usually go hog wild into a theme, but I do like that a little bit can go a long way!

Do you have a theme in your class this year?
Do you have any superhero resources to share?

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    1. Thanks, Kelly. Has your year started? What's new for you this year in your classroom?

  2. I so love the "This spot is reserved for Richard.." sign. It's a great motivator, and every child could find something to proudly show off in the hallway. Could you share an editable copy? I'm sure many others would be grateful too.

  3. Sorry! Forgot to leave my name and e-mail.