Sunday, August 12, 2012

Prepared For Speed or Endurance

I've been thinking about the difference between preparing and training for speed or endurance.  I only got to see a little bit of the Olympics, but it was so obvious that speed and endurance are really different when looking at the bodies of sprinters and marathoners.  Sprinters are a rock of muscle--built to release  a lightening fast burst of energy and speed.  Marathoners are lean {and another type of solid muscle!}  The marathoner also uses their strategy and planning during the event--when to move, how to pace, and so much more.

This got me to thinking about the school year while I was out on a walk this morning.  Some teachers are so prepared for the first day of school.  They have perfectly color coordinated everything.  They have folders and bins and notebooks and bulletin boards all in the exact right place.  This is all good, as long a everyone remembers that the school year is REAAAALLLLY LLLLOOONNNNNGGGG!

I'd like to encourage us all today to spend these last few days preparing for the endurance bits of school.    I know that we have to be ready for the first day, and I have open house the evening before school starts.  But the part of the year that requires us to dig deep is not the first week, but it's usually around February of March.

Let's agree to plan and prepare so that we will still be in top teaching form on day 120 as we are on day one!

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  1. I was feeling very overwhelmed last night as I anticipated my "last week of summer" before the start of school on Monday (and maybe because I have only been in my classroom once so far). I guarded the days in my planner by coloring them soft teal. I began a NEW "Summer Fun Bucket List". I was working myself into a full blown panic attack when my daughter stumbled upon your blog. I immediately joined the Brave Teacher Tribe and moved your blog link to my desktop for quick access. Thank you for answering a 4th grade teacher's prayer!

    1. I'm so glad you found us just when you need us--don't you love the way that works?!

      I'm honored to share courage and strength throughout this year with you!