Sunday, July 8, 2012

Are you taking care of yourself?

Are you taking care of yourself?  If I were to answer that question honestly I would have to say, sometimes.  Even though it is summer I'm busy creating and running an online workshop/class.  I'm doing all sorts of stuff with and for my little family because I don't do that much during the school year. I'm starting to create stuff for next year.  I'm thinking and planning.  I'm trying to clean out some hidden parts of my house.

However, the well feels pretty empty and dry inside me right now.

The week coming up feels like it's going to be busy, but it's also filled with lots of stuff that I think will recharge the batteries and start to fill the well.

Tomorrow I'm going to Lakeside to sort of just hang out and visit with at least one friend.  {In a couple weeks I get to go for a whole week with my little family--can't wait!}

On Wednesday and Thursday, I'm going to the Midwest Whole Brain Teaching Conference.  I'm VERY excited about this!   If you don't know about Whole Brain Teaching, check it out!

On Friday I'm going to see the musical Mama Mia.  You know that's going to be fun!

Saturday I'm going to a wedding, and I might be going to the Akron Storytelling Festival.  In the past I've been blown away by this amazing event!

I'm also reading some powerful books and I have some creative projects in the works.   {I'm hoping to share more about both in the future!}

This is the stuff that feeds my spirit!

How about you?  What feeds your spirit?  How are you caring for yourself?

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