Friday, July 20, 2012

FREE Self Care Calendar From Brave Teachers

Did you know that I have a whole website devoted to soul centered living for teachers?

It's called Brave Teachers, and it is stirring a revolution of inspiration, encouragement, and empowerment one teacher at a time.

Brave Teachers provides live workshops, professional development, keynotes and a retreat in the Fall.  I also create posters and other tools to support teachers in self care, positive perspective, and hopeful living.  I  provide supportive coaching to teachers who need some TLC.  {Don't we all!}  My coaching has most often focused around life and or job transitions.  Sometimes I just listen.

This summer Brave Teachers has it's first ever online workshop, Visioning The Best Year Ever.  Its based on lessons I'm learning and experiences I've had.  I'm working through it all myself, and I'm amazed at the insight I'm finding.  {I'm not just the creator--I'm an active participant, too!}

As part of the online workshop I created a Self Care Calendar for the upcoming school year.  It's all about being intentional and actively planning to exercise, go on adventures, make time for friends, cook healthy meals, create, and whatever else I need.  Otherwise I'll just dash from task to task--getting more frustrated, overwhelmed, anxious, even angry.

I believe this is so essential, that I want to share the Self Care Calendar with as many people as I can. Grab it here FREE!

{There is no magic, but I believe the results can be miraculous.}

If you're interested in other Brave Teacher services and resources, check out the website or email me or sign up to join the email community in the sidebar on the right.

Hope you find some time this weekend to practice self care!

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