Thursday, July 12, 2012

Whole Brain Teaching Is Rocking My World

I spent today at the Midwest Conference for Whole Brain Teaching.  I had checked out their website, implemented a few strategies {like Class Yes}, and been inspired by videos of teachers using this methodology.

TODAY MY TEACHING UNIVERSE WAS ROCKED!  I have NEVER been to a conference where participants had to be so engaged the entire time.  I've never been to anything where all the teaching happened the way the presenter wanted you to teach.  It's powerful, people.

I'm rethinking so much about how I'm planning to do next year.  For the first time this summer I'm feeling excited for the new year.  My students are not even going to know what hit them!

Check out Whole Brain Teaching.  There are tons of videos on youtube.  There are tons of resources on the website that are FREE.

What's inspiring/challenging your work?

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