Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Blacksmith, Teepee, and Toads

I went offline for most of Saturday, Sunday, and Monday.  I was getting really present into my life.  {A little secret:  This was UNCOMFORTABLE.}  I just showed up.

Beautiful memories were made.  Sam and I went for his first trip to Hale Farm and Village.  His favorite was the blacksmith--which of course I was so wrapped up in I don't have a photo.

It had rained in the morning.  This {and the heat} must have scared off visitors, because often we had private demonstrations.  Can I just say that people were so kind and generous with Sam.  {Can I also say it was hard to sit under shady trees eating granola bars and drinking water when there was so much more to see?!}

Sam demonstrating his weaving skills.

Watching a glass blowing demonstration.

I hope Sam won't look this bored when he goes to school!

Sam playing games from long ago.

Sam churning butter--with assistance.

So that would be enough of showing up and being present, but the next day we went camping in a teepee.  It was our first time.  Despite the heat and a crazy thunderstorm and parents who could not sleep because the 3 year old hijacked everything, it was great!  The teepee was big enough for a small boy to still be mobile as the wind howled and thunder boomed.  He got to go swimming with his dad.  We also got to see amazing fireworks, after thinking the storm would have cancelled them.  He was completely blissed out by being one with the experience--especially the toad who visited us.

We were all in awe of the teepee.

Every little boy needs some time in a teepee

So what is the take away from the weekend beside the amazing memories?  

I do want to be more comfortable with being present, without to do lists or any big plans.
Slowing down is good, even when it's tough.
it takes a LOT of energy to keep up with a 3 year old in unfamiliar territory, so I better take care of myself.

What sort of summer adventures are you having?
What are you learning from the the ordinary and simple experiences?

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