Thursday, September 6, 2012

Community And Class Meeting

I've written numerous times about how Class Meeting is probably my favorite community builder in the classroom.

It has a crazy cumulative effect!

{Sometimes it's hard to remember this at the beginning of the process!}

This week one outstanding meeting focused around the topic of honesty.  {I love how honest kids are!}

We quickly decided that there are 2 main reasons people are dishonest:

1.  To avoid getting in trouble
2.  To get other people in trouble

{I wondered if perhaps grown ups might need to be reminded of this.}

I'm also a bit surprised that some students already say class meeting is their favorite part of the day.

Our format is super simple:

Students can bring healthy snacks
We face each other
We talk, greet, problem solve, question, etc.

All this takes place in about 15 minutes, and then we go on with our day.

What are you doing to build or strengthen community this year?

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