Saturday, September 1, 2012

Creating Community

I decided last Spring that I really wanted COMMUNITY to be a focal point in our classroom.  Earlier in the week one student pointed out that a lot of classmates had converse.  When I said I had hot pink converse, another student said we should all wear them on one day.  Yesterday was our official wear converse day.

And so begins the subtle and sublime community building.  I feel a little sneaky because I'm not yet talking much about community, but it's happening already by nature of the classroom climate and environment.

Sometimes I think I try to force that kind of stuff, and then it just feels contrived.  {Kids always see through that, too!}  I'm trying to let it just unfold naturally--with a few gentle nudges!

Belonging is one the four core values in the Circle of Courage.

We are also holding daily class meetings--which I believe is one of the simplest power tools in my teacher kit.  It's just 15 minutes of character development, problem solving, discipline, and habits of kindness.  I'm taking an intuitive approach to this--what do I think or feel that we need..

What are you doing to begin the creation of community where you are?


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