Friday, September 21, 2012

Everyday Math Self Check Math Boxes

Last year was the first year I had my students self check their EM Math Boxes.  {If you're not familiar with Everyday Math, each lesson has 5 - 6 boxes that practice skills from all different topics.  For example, there will be one problem each of geometry, basic facts, number stories, data,  and measurement on one page.}

Here has been my evolution of thinking:

6 years ago I would take home 76 Math Journals a couple weekends a month and give most of the weekend to check math boxes---INSANE!

The next couple years I just check the boxes linked to assessment, but I didn't like the lazy work habits I saw in some students.

I thought long and hard.  I thought about what I really wanted my students to accomplish.  I wanted them to get maximum practice and feedback for the practice.  

Last year I started having students check their own math boxes.  I create and display a key.  All the keys for the current unit go into a clear pocket.  Students use red pen to make all corrections.

Of course there are a few cheaters, but most students thrive in the low pressure approach to practice.

I do check occasionally for effort, but I'm able to invest more energy in the lessons and what extra support kids need.

What's working for you about the way you teach math?


  1. I like self-checking too. It gives such great feedback quickly to the student!

    Fourth Grade Lemonade

    1. I agree, Caitlyn! I love the immediate feedback.

      Any tricks working for you this year?