Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Spaces Where Kids Love To Work

Creating spaces in your classroom where kids love to work do NOT need to be expensive or permanent!  Here are two of my favorite ways that are working this week--and have worked for many weeks in the past.

First, I have a wooden TV Tray that I bought for $5 at a garage sale.  I originally bought it to demonstrate science activities.  It's not pretty, but my students LOVE to pull over a couple of chairs to work around it.  It's ideal for a partner activity.  It also folds up and fits in the locker in my classroom.

Additionally, I LOVE my little rugs.  I got them for less than $2 each.  They fold up and hide in one little bin.  Some kids sit on them, and other kids set out their work on them.  Some kids sit there to read.

These things are simple, cheap, portable, and HIGHLY MOTIVATIONAL.

What simple and cheap ideas do you have for the classroom?

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