Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Everyday Math Vocab Tip

Every year I struggle with my students really learning AND USING new vocabulary--especially in math.  In previous years I've made a variety of word walls and posters.  This year I'm trying a twist on words on rings.  Students bring in a set of index cards, and this year we've already started putting them to good use.

I'm calling them "Math Code Cards."  The reason for this is that it's rare to meet a 4th grade boy who doesn't like cheat code books.  We've already started calling them "Code Crackers."

At this point in the year I'm writing everything out on the board and students are just copying it.  Eventually it will become more independent.  It is taking a good amount of time, but I feel like it's a good use of time.  I believe this because on our first "Friday quiz"  many students asked if they could use their Code Crackers!

What have you started new this year that you like?

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