Saturday, September 8, 2012

Super Improvers Wall

This summer I went to a Whole Brain Teaching Conference, and it got me really excited about doing some new classroom management and lesson delivery methods in my classroom this year.

This week we just started our Super Improvers Wall, even though it has been in place since students first entered the classroom.  Every day I was asked multiple times what it was--curiosity was peaked!

Here's how we are doing the SIW:

  • Everyone has a card with their name on it.  I stuck a printed address label with first names on black business card size card stock.
  • The levels are listed in corresponding colors on the side--Rookie (red) all the way up to Living Legend (silver sparkle with sparkling dots--fan-cy!)  There are 10 levels
  • Each child has an index card on their desk--they are completely responsible for their "Star Card."  {You lose it, and I say, "I'm sorry.  Help yourself to a blank index card to start this level over." No cards lost this week!
  • When I see you improving yourself, your work habits, your effort, your behavior, the quality of your work, then I can give you a star with my special teacher pen.  {I was skeptical that my first little behavior guy would rise to the occasion, but on the first day he spent most of my teaching time with his eyes glued to me and hands folded on his desk--this is a cool 4th grade boy!  Shocking!--Of course he earned a star!}
  • You can NOT ask for stars or point out your own good work, but you can point out the super work of other students for teacher consideration!
  • 10 stars on your star card and you get a red paper around your name card on the super improvers wall.  Yep I've been told that my students will improve and work hard for a small piece of construction paper around their name.
  • Half way up the chart you also get your picture taken for our Wall of Fame.
  • My class is so enthusiastic about this!  So am I!
  • Here are some questions they have:
  •                        Can you lose stars?  NO
  •                       What happens after you become a Living Legend?  This will be revealed after we    have our first living legend!  Oh the suspense and anticipation!
The Super Improvers Wall is such an easy way to challenge kids to always improve.  It's also virtually free!

You can read more about it on the WBT Forums--just scroll down.  And you can find lots more just by typing the title into a search engine.

What have you started this year that is making your life and teaching better?

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