Friday, July 30, 2010

Book Recommendation Friday

So I saw this book at the library earlier this year, and I must admit, I walked right by it. And then last Saturday evening I attended the storytelling concert at the 5th Annual Akron Storytelling Festival, and the author, Carmen Deedy, was featured. She is an AMAZING storyteller--I laughed, I cried. . .

This lead me to go home and look her up online. She has written numerous books, but this is the most recent. And it's a heart grabber. 14 Cows for America recounts the response of the the Masai people of Kenya to 9/11 when they finally heard about it the following April.

I think its a fantastic book to use in discussions about compassion for others--a topic that is not discussed nearly enough with children. Nor is it modeled often enough in ways that children can witness. It's also a great text for responding to tragedy in a nonviolent way, without seeking revenge or mongering fear.

I'm inspired to integrate more compassion into my life and into this world. What has a book inspired you to do?

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