Monday, July 5, 2010

People Pleasers Unite, If That's OK With You

Sometimes I'm absolutely stunned by how much I want people to like me--especially after the resources I've invested in personal growth. This weekend I accidently cut in front of another customer at the grocery store, and she was mad. The whole way home I did this internal dialog of self flagelation. "Why did you do this? What if you see her again? And so on." Even when I tried to dial up the "Your human. It was a simple mistake." The other voice was louder and stronger.

But here comes the interesting "Aha Moment." Then I'm in the kitchen working on a salad that required a lot of chopping while my husband and son nap, and boy, does the resentment build. So there I go from I'm afraid this total stranger is going to hate me for the rest of my life (translation: I'm not being kind to myself) and I turn that into lets just be mad and petty with the people we love.

That people pleasing thing is so incidious and deep--YIKES!

Let's make a pact together today to quiet that voice and focus on the ones we do love--if that's OK with you!

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