Thursday, July 1, 2010


Every year I think of a new word that really fits me, and it becomes my personal and professional theme for the school year. Last year the word was THRIVE. I just decided on the word for the upcoming year. . .(drumroll) INSPIRE!

I was thinking about what inspires me. I walked outside with a camera and had to photograph these plants growing out of the wall by my driveway. It would seem impossible that plants would even try to grow out of blocks and mortar, but here they are, and I'm inspired.

Some of what inspires me here and now:

1. Sam (who danced on his knees like crazy at a concert last night)
2. Summer flowers in bloom
3. Water--puddles, lakes, oceans, rain, even baths
4. E-courses--Mondo Beyondo and Flying Lessons are the two that have inspired me this year.
5. Time to read for business and pleasure
6. Starting my year long plan for school and feeling excited
7. Inspiring other people
8. Time by myself

Stay tuned for more of what inspires me and how I plan to inspire others.

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