Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sam is 18 Months Old

Yesterday was Sam's 18 month birthday! Okay, I know some people think it's goofy that we still count his age in months. But honestly, it's such a short window, and we cherish every day--all 548, but who's counting?!

After dinner we went with Grandpa Joe and Uncle Jon to the fun water park and playground. The water was cold, but he was a daredevil on the slides. I think I have some reasons to be nervous!

He is my master teacher. He is teaching me about being completely present and living each day to its fullest. He's also teaching me about limiting my worries and fears and to trust that others will meet my needs. There is so much more, but I'm a bit of a slow learner, so I'll stop with those.

Watch a fun little video of Sam here.

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