Monday, July 26, 2010

Inspiration Monday

I wish I had a video of the most inspiring moment of my weekend. We popped into the car, headed to a neighborhood park with a water playground a few miles from our house and voila! OK, people, picture this with me. . .

a squeal of delight followed by the kind of laughter that usually accompanies uncontrolled tickling, but no one is touching this blue-eyed, blond haired, almost 18 month old. He is just soaking up the water that is spraying, trickling, and dumping from nearly every direction, walking around and watching other kids.

If you think you can handle more, read on. . . so a boy about 6 years old come up and starts playing with Sam, splashing in the water as it's about to spray from various spots, and talking to Sam (telling him they're play, as if the baby might not know!) and telling other kids to watch out for the baby! Even when some bigger boys (maybe brothers) tried to badger him into leaving, he just stayed with Sam.

As I watched this seen unfold and saw so much bliss in the eyes of many wet kids I was reminded of how grown ups can learn A LOT, A WHOLE BUNCH, A HEAP from children. They were so present and in the moment. There was joy and consideration for others. There was so much silliness and laughter, too.

As I recount those events I'm inspired to contemplate what that means for me in my life today and in the upcoming school year. I think I want to be more like the kids and less like the grownups.

What's inspiring you, today?

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