Saturday, July 10, 2010

Little Things Are Big Things

Earlier this week I was feeling down. As I processed this I thought about wanting something spectacular to make summer feel like summer--a trip, an event, etc. And then I started to think about what makes this summer unique. I'm really living a life most would envy. I have time to spend with my husband and son every day. I eat vegetables grown on a local CSA farm, and we go every week to the farm to get the vegetables. I cook almost everyday. I have time to read for pleasure and lots of professional books I don't have time to read during the school year. I get to take lots of little outings to parks, hiking trails, the library, and the inflatable pool in our backyard. I also have time to recharge with old TV shows, magazines, and little art projects. I hear the blissful laughter of a little boy, and I witness the beautiful curiosity as he explores his universe--birds, lightening bugs, dirt, water, etc..

To some these may seem like little things, but I know they are the big things that make summer really feel like summer. And I am so lucky!

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