Thursday, October 14, 2010

Just Gonna' Listen

Some days as a teacher are a little more insane than others. Field trip days are fairly crazy. It's hard to know if everyone will bring a lunch. Or which grown ups will show up. Or how the weather will be. Do we need to take any meds from the office with us? Will everyone be safe and return in one piece?

It just so happens that my class is going on a field trip today. We are going to the Akron Art Museum, with its award winning architecture. We are also going to the Civic Theater to a concert by the Cleveland Jazz Orchestra. To make it a little more complicated my class is being split in half--of course 4th graders are complaining about their group!

In and of its self this would be no big deal, but we also have conferences tomorrow evening.

Instead of worrying and fretting about this, I'm going to take the advice I gave to my students, I said lets just see how much we enjoy listening today. That's my plan--I'm gonna' listen to museum docents, jazz musicians, kids, and parents. It feels so much simpler when I put it that way. It seems so much more doable. I'm looking forward to sharing what happened when I listened.

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