Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Respectfully Asking

“There’s nothing more generous than asking for help and accepting it freely.” There’s great strength, courage and kindness in asking for help.

I read this quote as part of the Dream Lab course I'm doing. It struck me right between the eyes. I'm terrible at asking for help. (Sometimes I'm good at faking it, or I only ask when I don't really need it.) Often I don't even know exactly what I need or exactly how to ask so I sit in isolated fear.

One thing I know for sure right now is that I need help! I don't know exactly who or what. So today I'm going to have the courage to just put it out there and say I'm not doing that great. I need help! I'm anxious. I'm off balance. My focus is off. I'm trying to do too much. I have almost no time to just be. I feel stale in my spirit and lonely for accepting companions.

So I'm respectfully asking and freely accepting the response.

Any suggestions?

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