Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Asking For Help

When I was a young woman I thought that being a grown up meant I would never need to ask anyone for help. So I muddled through many ups and downs, struggling alone. This became my habit, my MO.

This eventually developed into an almost paralyzing fear of being found out to be a fraud. Maybe I wasn't as together as other people. Maybe I wasn't as confident as I projected. Maybe I will disappoint you. Maybe I am human.

Today I look back and smile knowingly at that young woman. But even with that knowledge it's really hard to ask for help. I will most often wait till I'm at the end of my rope, holding on by my fingernails, and then I'll whisper a little, "Help!"

I'm pleased to say I am actively taking steps to seek out help. I'm also realizing and opening to the idea that it often is not coming from where I might expect. I'm also opening to the thought that help might not come when or where I expect it.

Here are some places I'm finding help these days:

  • Brave Girls Club

  • Brave Women's Breakfast

  • Local Library

  • Cyperspace--other blogs, especially

  • The innocent laughter of children

  • Smiles from strangers

  • Affirmation cards

Where are you asking for and finding help?

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