Sunday, February 27, 2011

Why Teach?

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If you live in Ohio or numerous other states you can relate to the current crazy making that is the extreme politics at the intersection of state government and public education. It feels to me as if the governor of my state and several others are saying to me personally that the work I do has no value to them. It's not the people who don't do their job who will be impacted. It is I, a very hard working teacher, and my husband and son.

As the financial provider for my family, there is a certain and real level of fear in my heart about how much we will lose. We live a simple life that is fully committed to and revolves around teaching. My commitment is strong. My job is difficult. I wonder how many Ohio classrooms are going to be stripped of brave teachers as the result of short sighted politics? I wonder if anyone will even notice? I wonder if my worst fears are true--that the work we brave teachers do is of no value to politicians in power?

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