Thursday, February 3, 2011

Brave Words for Teachers

I h ad 2 snow days this week, and in addition to catching up on grading papers (yippee!) I became a little obsessed with collecting and writing affirmations for teachers.

I firmly believe that teachers get way more negative than positive talk. In fact if teachers gave as much negative talk as they receive, we would be unemployed. So how do we combat this negativity that feels like it is so often actively and passively directed toward us? (Sometimes--often, it's even within us.)

I know that affirmations have worked for me in transformational ways in the past. I've experienced the internal shift from believing a lie, then receiving the truth, and finally embracing the truth all the way into the deep and hidden parts of my heart. So now I'm experimenting with using them in my professional life.

Today's affirmation says to me that I am always learning and that I've already experienced success in order to be able to teach. What does it say to you?

How have affirmations worked for you?

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