Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine Chopstick Relay

If you're planning a little Valentine Party with your children or classroom, this is a fun and VERY easy game to organize for groups of 2 people on up. It's the Valentine Chopstick Race (The name is original with me, the game is not!)

Materials: Chopsticks (at least 2 pair), conversation hearts (1 bag or more), cups or bowels (at least 4)

For 2 Teams (I'd have more teams, if there are more than 25 people)
Prep: Divide the conversation hearts between 2 cups. Place a pair of chopsticks by each. Place the 2 empty cups at least 6 feet away

1. Divide into 2 teams
2. Each team member takes a turn with the pair of chopsticks, trying to move the a conversation heart to the empty container.
3. The goal is to be the first team with an empty cup OR the team with the most hearts in the second cup in _____ minutes.

I think it might even be more fun to watch adults do this at an office or family party! I got some great pictures of kids doing this yesterday!

What fun, quick, and easy ideas do you have for parties?

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