Friday, February 18, 2011

Find Hope at Brave Girls Club

Today's recommendation is all about finding hope, and it's just for the girlies. Have I mentioned this site before? Brave Girls Club. I LOOOOOVE it! On the surface it looks like a girl power site. Underneath it's about authenticity and support and healing and wholeness. A beautifully woven web community of women, which sprang from heartache and loss and life altering situations.

I was originally drawn in when thinking about a word for the new year--mine is brave!

I'm so inspired and empowered by the wonderful daily truth emails--a little birdie told me. I feel like I'm receiving a love letter every time I read one!

I stayed because of the class, Soul Restoration--which is SOOOO worth it! I'm just finishing the official part of the class, but I will be doing the work I started here for the rest of my life.

What website really speaks to your spirit and gives you hope?

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