Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Have Faith

So I've just had some of those little jarring life experiences, and life keeps handing me more of those little challenges that weigh down the spirit. More snow. A sick little boy. Miscommunications. Sleep deprivation. And so on.

It's easy to have one's faith rattled in these situations. To lose sight of bravery
One of the interesting paradoxes about faith is when the living is easy I don't seem to need faith. And when I need it, it illusively slips through my fingers.

Why do I doubt myself first when faced with these challenges? There will always be critics--I don't need to be my own! A friend reminded me of a little passage in the Bible that says, "Do not throw away your confidence, it will be rewarded." To some extent I think that is about the little challenges that can derail us from the big goals. It would be easy to loose the path and wander in circles or even the complete wrong direction

I have every reason to believe that the big goals are so worth it. I do have that faith. And I'm sure with a little more sleep it might even feel like I have faith in myself.

What keeps your faith in your goals and dreams alive?

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