Sunday, June 12, 2011

Brave Women Blazing Trails

I started a Brave Women's Breakfast back in January. I wanted to give and receive support from other women. It was a brainstorm. It is still growing and evolving.

We met this past Saturday. We had breakfast at Flury's Cafe--a gem of a little diner. And then one other woman (Yep, it's Brave Woman, Aine, featured in the photo above!) and I headed out to hike a bit of the Buckeye Trail. This is not for the faint of the heart, but it's also fun and interesting. And a day later I still feel really good about. We blazed the trail in West Branch State Park. We intended to hike a spur trail, but when I look at the map, I think we actually went further. I suspect we hiked over 4.5 miles, but with no pedometer, I'm not certain.

I'm looking forward to more Trailblazing of the Blue Blazes on the Buckeye Trail.

What brave action, large or small, are you taking?

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