Saturday, June 25, 2011

New Greeting Cards On Etsy

I'm so pleased, delighted, excited, and enthusiastic to announce that there is a lovely new product line of greeting cards at our Etsy Shop!

Affirmative Greetings is a line of greeting cards with my photos on the front. Some of the photographs have been featured on this blog and the Brave Teachers website. The cards and envelopes contain some recycled paper, so they have those gorgeous little flecks of color on the background of off white, tan, or gray card stock. The cards are blank, but they are accompanied by a magical list of affirmations from which you can choose and then personalize with the most ideal greeting for the recipient or yourself!

These make great cards for any occasion, or they can stand alone as a thoughtful little gift.

The cards are sold in sets of 5 cards and envelopes. I tie them up with a little ribbon, wrap them in colorful tissue, and send them in a bubble mailer that's filled with positivity just for you!

Go ahead. . .check 'em out. . . you know you want to take a look!

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