Thursday, June 9, 2011

Good Karma Yard Sale

I have too much stuff. It often feels like more of a burden than the luxury that it is. In order to simplify a bit, I'm holding a Good Karma Yard Sale tomorrow. Instead of collect everything and then labeling/pricing it and then trucking it outside, I'm collecting stuff now and tomorrow I will put it on the lawn with a FREE sign.

I believe that people who really want or need the things will have them, and I will be free of them. It's a win-win and lots of good energy.

I've done this once before with crazy and amazing results. When moving back to Ohio from Seattle, I opened my apartment for friends to take what they wanted/needed. That felt so good, but it's not the end of the story. The week after the event my brother and sister-in-law called to see if we would like their old car. For 3 years we had no need to own a car, but Ohio would be really tricky without a car. The abundance that came to us was amazing! (That car is still running--we passed it on to someone else in need when we bought a new car!)

I'll share more after the event.

What do you do that brings you abundance?

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