Friday, June 17, 2011

Triumph of Time

I love using time well. Or at least I love the feeling of believing I've used time well. I love checking things off a to-do list. I like the feeling of accomplishment. I also feel like I'm not running on a treadmill. (Sometimes I feel that way during the school year, but now it's summer.)

This morning I spent time with teachers in a workshop, and at one moment we were speaking about that nagging feeling of I think there must be a quicker, easier, faster, more effective way of doing this, but I have absolutely no idea what it is. I can't stand that.

I'm feeling really proud of the way I've been using my time in the 9 days since I closed down my classroom. Here are some of the highlights for me:

I've spent some really good time with my little family--playing, hiking, preparing food, reading books, etc.
I got rid of about 10 boxes of junk/treasures at a "good karma yard sale."
I've done some cleaning and sorting and laundry.
I've read some fun books--mostly kids' books.
I've almost finished the last season of 24.
I've hiked about 4.5 miles of the Buckeye Trail
I've started assembling Affirmative Greetings--a line of greeting cards with photographs and affirmations that will soon be available at the Brave Teachers etsy shop and a few other specialty spots.
I'm still working on my ebook, No Magic Wand.
I attended a classroom library workshop today.
I'm working on art bits for future blogs, books, kits, and teacher tools.

And the best bit of all--amazingly positive experiences at the first ever Art and Soul of Brave Teachers Adventurous Workshop. I'm still processing how powerful this was for me as the guide and the participants. I'm still thinking about where I would like to assert more and where it's best to hang back and let the experience flow between participants--always a balance. I will share more about this as it's had some time for process inside of me.

Now I'm hoping to keep the momentum without driving myself or anyone else too crazy!

Where are you feeling a sense of triumph?

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