Friday, June 24, 2011

How To Make An Adventure For Cheap

So there are few memories I relish more than eating gelato on hot summer days in Italy. It was seven summers ago, and I always fly right back in my mind when I hear the word gelato. (I tell my 2 year old it's ice cream, but it's not.)

Last night my little family traveled to two continents for about $35 and 4 hours. I think that's pretty impressive! (--except for the part where the GPS took us down streets with boarded up buildings and no people,)

Our purpose for the adventure is that we've just been running and pouring ourselves into other people, and we all just needed a little time together. We started out adventure in Vietnam--I mean Cleveland at our favorite pho spot--Superior Pho. Pho is Vietnamese beef noodle soup. The small bowl is huge, and when it arrives you get to customize your order with sauces and a plate of goodies--basil, bean sprouts, lime, chiles, etc. To me pho is ultimate comfort food. Yumo!

When then traveled to Italy--I mean Little Italy. We went to Presti's Bakery fo gelato. We sat outside. We watched the world go by. If I had heard less English I could have thought I was in Europe.

And the adventure ended with a trip to a playground and community garden. This was essential for the 2 year old who was about to spend another 45 minutes in his car seat. Or maybe it was for his parents.

This felt decadent because of the international feel, but also because summer is the only time I would take an adventure on a Thursday evening. It just never happens during the school year.

You can see a little more about this week;s adventures over at the Brave Teachers website.

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