Thursday, April 12, 2012

Raining Rubber Bands and Making Sense of Life

I've been doing some serious soul searching. Looking up into the sky. Carefully examining some situations up close--real close. I'm waiting for clarity. It seems really illusive.

In the meantime I take inspiration from kids--

First there is Sam who found a pink rubber band on the sidewalk. He promptly picked it up and put it on his wrist. He then asked about a bazillion times where it came from. None of my answers about falling out of pockets or purses or anything else was satisfactory. After along silence in the backseat of the car, there was an epiphany, and Sam said, "Maybe it was raining rubber bands!"

I wish I could convey to you how tickled I was by that statement. And on so many different levels--I want a creative kid. And the rebel in my loves discarding conventional wisdom. Sometimes the most obvious answers are not the right ones.

Then there are my students, who are mostly ten, and learning that the stuff that has mattered to them their whole lives are not nearly as important as certain brands of clothing or electronic gadgets or hanging out with certain people. This breaks my heart. It's not what I want or hope for them. I hope that they will carefully guard their uniqueness.

This makes me think of myself, and how easily I surrender my originality--especially when I doubt myself or feel unbalanced. So while I'm still trying to make sense of life, I'm clinging to the thought that at any moment it might start raining pink rubber bands!

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