Sunday, April 15, 2012

Surrounded By Kindness

This photo is a piece of a painting I did over Spring Break. I feel like there is so much kindness all around me. It really is blooming!

I'm super pleased to be a new Sponsor of Kind Over Matter. {I loooove that site!} When people ask me what I read online, KOM is always on my list.

There is a great guest post over there today, called The Kindness Manifesto. Check it out!

I'm also excited to say that the newest edition of Sprouts magazine is available, and the theme of this issue is kindness. How cool is that? In addition to being a generally gorgeous and artsy magazine, this issue has some of my absolute favorite writers and contributors!

I am always pleased by what an inspirational value this magazine is!

Click here to visit Persistent Green. (This is where to click if you want more details or to buy a copy of this issue of Sprouts!)

How is kindness surrounding you today?

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