Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Recap of Easter With Sam

So my favorite part of Easter with Sam is how it just keeps going. He is still giving away jelly beans and saying, "Happy Easter!" His enthusiasm (And impish naughtiness) are contagious and adorable. (He does NOT need to know this!)

Some highlights:
  • Coloring eggs at grandma's house
  • Hunting for eggs at grandma's house
  • Putting on a tie and saying, "Now I'm like Uncle Jon."
  • Thinking he needed to go downstairs before 7 am, " because I think the Easter bunny left me a nest while I slept."
  • Saying, "Here mommy, this is chocolate with peanut butter inside!" with such zeal that some candy company should hire him.
  • Make and eating "Resurrection Biscuits" at Sunday School--"with marshmallows inside!"
Fun, fun, fun!

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