Thursday, April 5, 2012

Space Ships and Syrup and Sticks

So the highlight of my week--I mean the ab-so-lute very best part has been spending time with Sam. I have not finished any of my projects--for home or school or the business or myself, but that little guy has been so fun and silly and annoying. I'm so in love with him and feeling fiercely protective, too. We've gone hiking, out to breakfast, celebrated his dad's 40th birthday, and gone to the museum. It's so worth having lots of unfinished projects.

He LOVES sticks. You could start a bonfire with the pile of sticks he has collected and had to leave outside the back door. He has this one stick he calls his space ship. Of course, with a little imagination, it does look like a rocket. He had it on a little car ride, and before we knew what was happening he was creating a whole history and existence for his space ship. So here is where it gets crazy--pure genius! This is no ordinary space ship. It also squirts syrup and has six astronauts. I LOVE how logically those two details connect in his little brain! There was a whole back story most of which I've forgotten and lots of sound effects.

Does life get better than that? I doubt it!

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