Wednesday, May 30, 2012


"If you follow you BLISS, doors will open for you that wouldn't open for anyone else."
{Joseph Campbell}

It's that time of year when we can all use some bliss.  When I think of bliss I just think of that special enchanting place within that feels so at peace when it's doing something that is just right--pure contentment without settling.

I want the doors to be flying open this summer as I follow my bliss!

That's part of why I'm working on creating the amazing online workshop, Visioning The Best Year Ever. It's all about following your bliss in your work place--where ever and whatever you may teach.

If that resonates with you, I hope you will sign up at the special Teacher Appreciation Rate of $29--only available until May 31.  {June 1 begins the regular rate of $49}

If you want to kick it into bliss overdrive, then join me in my backyard for the amazing day of Kick Start Visioning The Best Year Ever on June 21, in Barberton, Ohio.

I can't wait to share the BLISS with you!

Where is you BLISS taking you this summer?

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