Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Finishing Well By Planning To Start Well

Here is perhaps my best tip or trick for the last full week of school:

One element that I am adding to every day is an activity that the students can do for next year's 4th graders.  They LOVE this.  They write book recommendations and attach them to a book mark that they make.  They also complete a "10 Things You Need To Know About 4th Grade" list.  I got this from Clutter Free Classroom TPT store, and it's FREE!   Oops, it isn't the free one, but it was so worth $5 for my sanity!  Here's the link.   {There's lots of other good stuff in the packet!}  This means that my first big bulletin board for next year will be ready to go by the end of the week.  {Above you can see a bit of this year's board.}  They make a welcome to 4th grade card, and they decorate a ziploc with permanent markers and foamies that I will fill with a few goodies next year.
This all makes my life easier--now and later.  It lets my students feel that they are contributing something valuable.  And next years students feel so good because they get so many personalized one of a kind gifts the first week of school!  Win--win--win!


  1. I was unable to locate the top 10 things you need to know about fourt grade sheet. Could you help me out? Sorry. And thank you. Love your ideas. Ursula

    1. Dear Ursula,

      It's my fault. I thought I grabbed the right thing, but it was actually a pay item. I knew I had paid for it, but I thought it was now the freebie. I think it's worth it for the memory book, etc. from her shop.

      Here's the link: