Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Wonder Of Motherhood

My universe has been rocked by being a mom, and today seems like the perfect day to honor that experience.  It's one of those things that I did not think would be part of my.  Four years ago on Mother's Day I remember thinking I'm going to be okay never being a mom.  On that day I did not know I was already on the way.

I want to make time to see the way he sees the world and people.  Last weekend he was so excited about the super moon that he had to call his uncles to ask, "Have you seen the super moon, yet?"

And the humor he injects into my life, whether I want it or not.  I'm sure he is going to spend years in therapy because his mother laughs out loud at what he says or does almost every day.

For me the most amazing part of being a mom, especially an older mom, is that my child is often my most powerful teacher.  Here are some of the lessons I'm learning learning because of the wonder of motherhood:

1.  People are more important than schedules.
2.  Keep you eyes wide open so you don't miss anything.
3.  It is so important to laugh at myself, and don't take myself too seriously.
4.  Play is vital to doing work.
5.  Curiosity is a wonderful gift.
6.  Who I am is enough.
7.  I can make do and enjoy life with what I already have.
8.  It's human nature to express logic and rationalize what we want.
9.  Sometimes what grownups think is important is not the stuff that's really important.
10.  No matter how much we tantrum or manipulate, we should not always get what we want.

Samuel, you are the gift that lets me see more clearly what is important.  Thank you.

What are you learning from the children in your life?

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