Wednesday, May 2, 2012

If You Blink

If you blink you might miss it.
Miss what?

The amazing stuff that other human beings do--especially our students.

In a moment a seeded dandelion can change from perfectly puffy to blown away.

That's how it is with the amazing things that kids do.  When I'm super busy or overwhelmed I completely miss extraordinary moments.

I don't want to let that happen in these last few precious weeks.

Here are some of the exceptional acts I've witnessed today because my eyes were open:

  • Today a boy apologized and then offered to make amends to a classmate
  • Our class meeting leader showed kindness and leadership
  • Instead of getting pushy at the front of the line, someone just quietly walked to the back of the line
  • Numerous students quickly offered supplies to other kids who needed them
  • Students were quick to collaborate in preparing for a math test {Some might think they were "cheating" on their study guide, but I was truly amazed.}
Today had many challenges with testing behaviors, but I'm glad I had my eyes open to the other parts, too!

What goodness do you witness at school because your eyes are open?

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