Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stirring A Revolution of Kindness

I fully believe that kindness is a secret weapon--a super power of sorts.

I am stirring a revolution of kindness within my professional universe.

Are you with me?


Here's the thing.  At this time in the school year, it is so easy to be everything else besides kind.  It's as if familiarity has bred contempt.  It feels ugly and unsavory to me.

I'm the kind of person who REALLY want to change things for the good, but the job always seems so huge.  Here's the beautiful thing about a kindness revolution--it does not require lesson planning or any real planning.  It does not have to cost even a buck.  It can be totally free.  It does not require special talents.  It does not take extra time.  It really just requires showing up.  Showing up with the intention of being kind.  Of course there could be lots of resources involved, but it's not necessary.

Here is my intention--I want to show up the rest of the days of the school year to stir a revolution of kindness among my coworkers and students.  I intend to assign good intent to what people say and do.  I will not wallow in gossip or negative talk.  I will simply show up with kindness for others and myself.

This is revolutionary!

Will you join me?

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