Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Confession of a Focus Wall Dropout

I loved making my focus wall last August for Reading Street.

It looked great in my classroom!

I used in so faithfully for the first quarter of the school year!

Here's the confession:  It's a great idea, but practically it just didn't work for me.  More importantly, I did not see my students using it enough to feel like it was worth the time and space investment.  When I moved to the new room at the end of January, I never reassembled it. I did feel some guilt about this.

Next year I'm probably going to use a very modified version of it.  In my mind I just see 3 panels for each selection:

Panel 1:  Title, author, (illustrator), genre and picture of the cover
Panel 2:  Vocabulary words and definitions
Panel 3:  Big comprehension focus for the selection

Way more streamlined and way less space.

What didn't work out the way you planned this year?

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