Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Make It For Mom Or Anyone

Mother's Day is just around the corner.  Some years it comes and goes with little acknowledgement in my classroom.  It really depends on the lives of my students.  I always try to emphasize that we can honor everyone who loves us.

The next step is finding something to make that is not too difficult or too expensive.  This year my friend Kathy showed me these great paper and pipe cleaner flowers.  I thought they would make great pins.  So here is our flower pin project that we are making in stages this week.

All you need for this little gem is a piece of scrapbook paper, 4 pipe cleaners--12 inches and cut in half (8 that are 6 inches long),  one or more buttons, glue and a pin back

Twist the pipe cleaner so that it looks like a balloon with a string.

Glue all 8 of these onto the scrapbook paper.  Let dry overnight!

The next day cut out these paper petals.  Then choose the six you like the best and twist together to form a flower.  This step might need the most help!

Then glue on the button(s) and the pin back.  Let these dry overnight.

Then we are going to put them in decorated white lunch bags and make cards.

I wore the one in the top picture on Monday, and that made the students more excited to make these.

Are you making anything fun in your classroom these days

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