Monday, August 2, 2010

My Passion Devours the Terror

"I'm not scared. My passion devours the terror."

Isn't that an inspiring statement for Inspiration Monday? I cut it out of a magazine and put it on a collage I made. Part of the collage is in the photo above.

For more than half my life now I have been inspired by cutting up magazines and making collages. I'm always surprised by what appears. This most recent collage was meant to inspire me. I'm planning to put it in my workspace in my classroom soon. It's a completely imperfect art form. The words and pictures usually aren't cut out straight. I usually glue them on construction paper--most often black paper.

The power of the process is that one of two things ALWAYS happens. Either something from my heart spills out, or something my heart needs floats in. This time "My passion devours the terror." lept to me.

I'm feeling many internal shifts about how I view myself, my little family, my workplace. I know these are really good, but change always feels scary to me, and that little line just gives me courage.

I highly recommend making your own imperfect magazine collage. This is what you do:

1. Gather old magazines, glue, scissors, paper.
2. Browse through the magazines for anything that jumps out at you and cut it out.
3. Keep doing this until you feel like stopping--minutes or hours or days.
4. Start to arrange them on the paper you have and glue them down.
5. Look at your work without judgement only asking what this says or shows about or to you.

Hint: If you don't like your collage, put it away for a bit until you're feeling less judgemental.
Hint 2: This is also fun to do with other people for a crafternoon or party.

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