Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Students Self Select Work For Display

I used to sweat about what work to display. I often make a hall display of everyone's work. Aside from that do I display only 100% work? Only As? There is a dilema here.

I've taken all the guessing out by allowing students to choose the work they display. This year there is a magnetic clip on everyone's locker. In the first few days everyone filled out an "All About Me" sheet and hung it up. Since then I've seen a few 100% spelling tests and the sheet of math facts in which a student entered a Challenge Club (Challenge Clubs have to wait for another day.)

The thing that often surprises me is that kids often choose work I would not choose for them. It gives kids control. It takes the pressure off of me. No one can complain about why their child's work is not displayed.

I guess that makes students selecting their own work for display a win, win, win!

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