Monday, September 6, 2010

Inspired By Spontaneity

After an unexpectedly long adventure (3 hours) at the Cleveland Zoo this weekend we ran into these amazing birds, lorikeets, and we decided to feed them. It was my favorite part of the whole trip. Sure we saw lots of amazing animals--orangutans, a zebra, koalas, giraffes, butterflies, crocodiles, etc., and Sam was thrilled by saying "wah-wah" everywhere we went. No matter how unfamiliar an animal it was, there was water somewhere with it!

Sometimes it's hard to admit how different spontaneity is in life with a toddler. Before Sam I would hop in the car for a meal in Cleveland or a day in Amish Country--no planning required. That type of spontaneity is no longer part of my reality.

However, there is this total in the moment, throw yourself all into it, and let's just do it sort of spontaneity that is pure joy. The bliss factor is often captured in a brief moment, but it's so much more thrilling than any day shopping or even travelling. That is a part of being a parent that no one tells us about. We hear plenty about sleepless night, picky eaters, illness and tantrums, but we don't hear about the intensity of joy that creeps into the ordinary moments of life. No one tells us that if we don't watch and stay present those moments will slip through our fingers--gone forever. So let's be inspired by the spontaneous!

Wherever you are in life today, I hope you can grab a moment of spontaneity and run with it! What sort of spontaneous things do you like to do?

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