Thursday, September 30, 2010

Go Fish

So I have had a wide variety of classroom pets over the years--guinea pigs, hermit crabs, African aquatic frogs, fire bellied frogs are those that come to mind. Pets. I've never been a big fan of pets, however it's one of those things I do for my students.

This summer my husband bought an aquarium for the classroom at a yard sale. He has since spent a bunch more money, but the aquarium is up and running. It does take some effort, but it has some surprising benefits, too.

There is the obvious benefits like science and learning about animals.

The unexpected benefits have more to do with classroom environment or climate. I like the quiet hum of the pump when I arrive in the morning. We like to turn off the overhead florescent lights, and it's another light source. The aquarium is very calming to watch.

Some future benefits I'm anticipating include teaching students more responsibility in caring for the aquarium, and learning about the habit in the aquarium as we continue to add more animals and plants.

And did I mention that my husband and I are learning lots about specific varieties of plants and fish that work well together? Go Fish!

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