Saturday, September 18, 2010

Tips and Tricks in Photos

I'm thinking that this digital age is great for teachers. We can take photos of activities for so many valuable purposes. The photos I've included today are from our math games yesterday. We worked in 4 different stations. I was at a teaching station, but while my group practiced I circulated around the room and took photos of some of the different activities.

How could these photos be put to good use? Here are some of my ideas:

~Photos could be printed and used to show choices or centers. A photo of the game activates recall more quickly than the title, especially if we've only played the game once or twice.

~Photos could accompany game directions in a folder or binder as a quick reference for adult volunteers or guest/substitute teachers.

~They could be displayed as part of a family outreach night along with a description of the math skills that are practiced through each game.

~The photo could accompany a writing prompt or class blog asking something like, "How does this game help you practice place value?" or "What are some of the properties of polygons you name when you play this game?"

How would/could you use photos in your workplace

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