Thursday, January 6, 2011

Tips and Tricks for Organizing

Today I have 2 very basic tricks for organizing--one helps the students and the other helps the teacher. I've seen lots of similar things, but I thought I would share what is really working for me right now. (The photos are from today in my classroom.)

To help students know exactly what is assigned each day and when it is due I have a cute little lined poster that I laminated. I'm writing the work on with a dry erase marker. I think I will pull out another poster for next week, so that I can go in a two week cycle. It's visually appealing and a good reminder for everyone.

Secondly, I put together different teacher books that I'm using in a related subject in those cheap cardboard magazine bins. This saves me from digging to the bottom of a stack for a book I just had yesterday. Sometimes I add loose papers or manila folders that relate, too.

These are a couple tricks that are working for me today. What tricks and tips are working for you today?

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